“Breathe,” a voice said

“No matter what, just breathe”

Deep, long, drawn out breaths

Until the grey started to have color

I began to have a new understanding of things as they were 

There was no great insight to be had

God said to trust Him and I did

Clarity came at a price though 

A small part of myself was taken away 

Maybe I didn’t notice at first, but eventually I did

My heart was golden, for how long?

Not sure, for now I will let things be as it may be 


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7 thoughts on “Golden

  1. Breaking free from the dried mud needs us to let go of something old of ourselves. Something we are not anymore. Confusing first, but when we dared to break that shell and feel the golden light again there is no regret to whatever we had to leave behind in order to be again who actually want to be.

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