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Monday Again?


“Hello Monday”

Here we are again 

I remember when the weekend 

Was about to begin

Yet, here we are

No hide and seek

Chiseling away at

A new work week 

Searching for energy 

A pac man power up 

No coffee available 

For my empty coffee cup

Eyes still filled

With last night’s sleep

Sleepwalking through the day

Without a peep

“Hello Monday”

I’ll get my act together 

Looking ahead

Things can only get better 

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Author: syl65

martial arts films, music, poetry, and hockey. this is just a little of who I am. Spirit of the Living God, alive inside of me. Never stop dreaming....

13 thoughts on “Monday Again?

  1. Hehe…this is awesome! Loved it!
    If possible, please check out a poem I wrote recently. I would love to know what you think about it!

  2. 🙂 Yep…that’s how Monday goes for me…love it!

  3. Haha… I can relate to that… lol! But what a positive outlook that things can only get better…lol!!

  4. I hear you! Let’s get our act together.. oh look it’s almost Tuesday now 😉

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