Rock Ballad of The Week: Ten “You’re In My Heart”

I’ve come to know the magic in your eyes,
I’ve come to know the way it feels when a love is real,
You taught me not to hide behind disguise
To let my heart reveal in time, the belief inside
That as long we are together
I’ll be on your side forever
Beside you all the way, to love you come what may
Now until the twelfth of never
You will guide my life’s endeavours
You’re everything I need, you put the strength in me.

You’re in my heart, you’re in my soul,
When we’re apart, it’s strong enough to hold
I never doubt or question why
You are my life, the truth it never lies
This love will never die

To paint with all the colours of your smile
To sail the ocean in your eyes is a paradise
Along the road we chose to walk in time
We’ve created other lives, from yours and mine
Hidden in the way I held you
Hidden in the way we kissed
A spark became an ember that waited to exist
I could never live to tell you
All that I have left to say,
For every moment I’m beside you
Takes my breath away

You’re in my heart, your in my soul
You give me hope and shelter from the cold
For when we laugh and when we cry,
It’s in those eyes, this love will never die

Ten (also typeset as TEN or ten) is a British melodic hard rock band which was formed in 1995. Up until June 2015, the band has released twelve studio albums, four compilation albums, four EPs, a double live album, six music videos and three lyric videos, with the last one being “The Dragon And Saint George”, from their latest EP release The Dragon And Saint George. In March 2016, the band announced that they have returned to Frontiers for a multi-album deal, starting with the release of their thirteenth studio album entitled Gothica and a reissue of their back catalogue in box-set format entitled “Opera Omnia”.

*source: wikipedia


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