Monday Thoughts: Who Am I?

“To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.” 
― Criss Jami


Who am I? There are times I ask myself that question. My answer, sometimes I am nobody but at all times I am somebody. I can be visible and then invisible, just a face in a sea of faces.

Inside, I am strong and I am weak. They both display themselves, depending on the situation, unless the poker face is showing, then only I know. I am in no means a cold person incapable of expressing myself. Neither am I a superhero without vulnerabilities. I have been put through the ringer enough times in my life and at times it shows.

We do not need to always appear to be strong like we have it all together. Life is hard, just breathing in life is hard on some days. It is alright to be weak, to hurt, to feel broken at times. You will get through. If you are given breath in your lungs and a beating heart, then you will get through. In fact, you may see just how strong you are by deciding to be human.


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13 thoughts on “Monday Thoughts: Who Am I?

  1. Deep thoughts!! It can be the scariest thing to just be the way you are, right because we become vulnerable. But once we are the way we are intentionally it can be the most strengthening thing.

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