Monday Thoughts: The Dark Cloud of Resentment

“Resentment and bitterness build the cage that only punishes ourselves.” 
― Jeffrey Fry


Someone hurts you. Maybe something said or an action against you. You feel the sting deep in the depths of your soul. You might ask yourself “What did I do to you?” or “Why me?” Feelings of resentment sink in and sometimes they get embedded so deep you actually forget about it, but it is there like a dark cloud waiting to pour.

We can take a shovel and bury it and walk away, thinking we have gotten over the hurt. Days, months and even years might pass, then… without warning… something happens that brings that hurt and resentment rising like an overly active volcano. Bitter feelings towards the person or persons that caused your hurt, bitter feelings towards yourself for thinking you were over it and allowing it to resurface.

Been there, done that. Truthfully, I was more upset with myself for letting that dark cloud linger, not over me but inside.

What can we do? First off, I am not looking through goody two shoe, rose colored glasses and not naivety. There are some wounds inflicted that leave us visibly and invisibly scarred. There are some situations in which we must heal by letting go and moving on. It is possible. We cannot let resentment fester inside. It is poisonous. If you know in your heart that you are not the cause of someone’s negative actions towards you, then you have to stand taller than them, believing in you and your character. Resentment, bitterness, holding grudges, only weigh you down and keep your life heavy. Dead legs are hard to walk with, especially carrying all that.

18 thoughts on “Monday Thoughts: The Dark Cloud of Resentment

  1. Great post, Sylvester. This topic speaks to every one of us. One of the toughest parts truly is the moment when we realize that we are not over something when everything resurfaces. And the resentments about ourselves are actually the problem… even if we try to blame the cause for what we hold inside. Fantastic post!

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    1. Thank you, Erika! Sometimes it things just get buried so deep they disappear until those old wounds are opened and it all rises again, but we heal by choosing not to put ourselves down and agreeing with others projecting their unhappiness and insecurities on us.

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      1. There is a time when we realize that we simply need to accept those wounds as part of our own personal history. They shaped us to the person we are today. In some way we need to make friends with them and that’s when healing takes place… as you said: forgiving!

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  2. Great Post, Syl. Thank you. I have PTSD which doesn’t allow me to let go and live. The nightmares come, the startles. But in my waking day I am blessed with love and kindness which over the years has healed me as much as it can.

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