For What Is

The soft glow of lantern lights

Warms the night’s ambiance 

The splendor of your light glows in my eyes

Reflections of lullabies we sang dance in the night air

While dreams we met in dance around in our hearts

A defining moment of oneness

Can we afford such happiness?

It is not ours to buy or sell

It is a gift

Gifted to us long before the first glance

Long before the first brush of our souls

As our eyes connect, there is thankfulness

Full awareness of what is

And we give all of ourselves to this night, to this moment

For what is

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14 thoughts on “For What Is

  1. Wow, such deep feelings of a moment of awareness in each moment. Such a love truly is a gift and when received it is not a question whether deserving or not. The receipt itself says it is meant to be. Amazing poem! You made me dream, Sylvester.

    1. When it is true it is true and those who are aware of this trueness are blessed. Every moment carry a special quality with it. Thank you, Erika!

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