Tell Me a Story Sylvester L Anderson

Thank you to my fab Beatles buddy, Annette for inviting me to sit and chat a bit. Good times!!

Annette Rochelle Aben

We love it when we can welcome back an author to share their good news!  Today on Tell Me a Story, we hold space for inspiring author and blogger, Chicago, Illinois, native,  Sylvester L Anderson.

Syl (as he is known to fans everywhere) has a wonderful new book  of poetry available. The Sevens is a FREE ebook.  On our podcast, we’ll learn more about this book, his blog and what inspires him. (and find out if he is an Elvis man or a Beatles fan)

Thank you for buying Syl’s books as well as leaving a kind review so others will be encouraged to make a purchase.

*all podcasts are posted in alphabetical order

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13 thoughts on “Tell Me a Story Sylvester L Anderson

  1. It was not only a fantastic interview in which we learned more about the background of your books and blog but also a source of inspiration to feel your soulful vibes. It was also a joy to listen and experience that wonderful flow between you and Annette. 😊

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