Monday Thoughts: Pushing Through The Frustration

“Utter frustration often precedes the breakthrough so stick with it and have faith in your journey.” 
― Sam Owen500 Relationships And Life Quotes: Bite-Sized Advice For Busy People

Life can be frustrating (obvious). You try to go about the business of living life as best as you can, going about things in the right way. You  put in hard work days and hours. You treat people the way you would like to be treated.  You are thankful for what you have and attempt to take care of what you have to the best of your abilities. Then you get hit with an unexpected jab who expects to get jab anyway).

You want to better yourself, make a change or are put in a situation where you have to make an upgrade to something broken or worn out. Of course this happens when you have expended yourself resolving some other issue. When it rains it pours or the drips of hardship are so close together it feels like a heavy rainfall. You cannot help but get frustrated as it seems all your effort are being cut short, leaving you mentally exhausted. Sometimes you want to give the world a great big “go to hell” middle finger, as it appears all your options are dead ends.

Okay, deep breath now.

No matter how frustrating life gets, in every area and all aspects, you have to push through what seems like a thick dark fog. You cannot see the solution but it is there. It may not be the solution you had in mind, but it help resolves the issue at hand. We can reach out for help and help may not always reach back or be available, but we cannot give up and curse the world. We may get pushed, prodded, poke and what feels like taking a pounding, but we have to have that inner resolve to push on and push through. You know how it can be when you really want something or want to accomplish something. There is this drive, focus and determination that nothing is going to stop you, no matter what decides to get in your way. This is the thought we need to keep in mind when things don’t happen as we want them to in the time that we want them to happen. Hold on to “It will happen”.

Okay, another deep breath.

Frustration comes and goes. Frustration alters our decision making. Frustration transforms us momentarily. Frustration turns the anxiety switch to the “on” position. Frustration can cause sensory overload (every negative feeling seems be a maximum capacity).

Things can get better. Life can be better. You can accomplish what you set out to do. Push on and push through. As always, do not sell yourself short or give up on you.


photo credit: His Talitha Cumi Ministries 


22 thoughts on “Monday Thoughts: Pushing Through The Frustration

  1. You speak straight to the hearts of many or even all of us. There are times those times when nothing seems to work and all our efforts seem to be suffocated. But we must never give up and most of all never lose ourselves during the process. Because at the end all will be well and we will have grown immensely! Great post!

    1. Thank you, Erika! Even if our efforts seem to be stifled, it doesn’t mean things are not going to work out. As frustrating as situations might get, we cannot let the frustration steal our hope away.

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