Monday Thoughts: All Is Life

“The only inevitably in life is death. Everything in between is a measurement of existence.”

Whatever thoughts we may think

Whatever feelings we may feel

Whatever stirs in our soul

And whatever moves our heart

It is all life

The ups and downs

The steadiness 

The good and bad

The happiness and sadness 

It is all life




It is all life


In life nothing is certain, nothing is guaranteed an in an instant your life can change. All we have is what we have today. We can dream, we can hope and we can pray and we still must live what is the moment.

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15 thoughts on “Monday Thoughts: All Is Life

  1. Life happens while we are making other plans… Life is something that keeps us developing and therefore it can be unpredictable. We are here to experience all that life means innour own way. As you said, it is what we make of the moment… in every moment!

    1. Life happens continuously. What the next moment holds, we do not know. So, we live and as you say “develop” and we hopefully gain from each experience to make each moment to come a better experience.

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