Thoughtful Thursday: Authenticity

“As you become more aligned with the truth of who you are, the question of liking yourself goes away. It is a natural state of being.” 
― Rachel Archelaus

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14 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday: Authenticity

  1. Ah yes. yet another one. Now the 4th. I’ve been gone for 2+ years, aside from an update as to why I’d been gone … and then I posted something recently, not eloquent I’m still struggling with words and piecing my expressions together as I once did, yet nonetheless something so very similar to this, something with 2 messages, 1 the same as you are sharing. I’m reading through my reader (well, I’m getting dizzy going through it – yet another piece of the aftermath of my 2 years gone missing), and coming across so many posts that are pointing toward the same thing that I just expressed in my recent post. Not for the same reasons, not in the same way, yet the same message. Alignment with others, it’s beautiful. ❤

    1. Alignment happens to confirm and make clear a message are being given to us. I went and read your last two posts. I hope that you are blessed with the strength in each day to continue your journey in healing within. The person within the human shell is who we are and I hope that you find inspiration, words and your own personal way of expressing yourself once again. Blessings to you 🙏❤️

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