Engine Revving Up

As I sit and smile

Wild and crazy notion

Hop in and take a spin

House of cards folded and tossed

New deck in hand

Set the gps on the dash

Start the engine and in a flash

I’m gone

Who knows where

The map is huge


photo credit: pexels.com

19 thoughts on “Engine Revving Up

      1. Mine too I liked that it is called Stingray. This was when I was not even 21 yet. I traded the sensible car my Pa bought me in for it and then boy did I have fun and the maintenance on it nearly choked me so I didn’t keep it long but I sure had fun. That was one of my not well thought out choices in life, but it was fun and I can say I did it! LOL I’m laughing at myself now.

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      2. LOL I’m a little embarrassed to admit I did that. I got speeding tickets and loved to race on the river strip. What was I thinking??? LOL So funny to think I was once foot loose and um brainless. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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