Inspired by a Song – #Haiku -When The Wind Blows

This haiku was inspired by my friend Carolina at .  She recently did a haiku inspired by song lyrics from one of her favorite bands, The Cure. So I did a haiku using song lyrics from “Mother’s Talk” by Tears for Fears, one of my favorite bands. I also took the title of the haiku from part of the lyrics in the song. It was a challenge for my brain cells to come up with something but it was fun. Give it a go if you like….

When The Wind Blows

It’s not that you’re not

good enough, it just that we

can make you better


12 thoughts on “Inspired by a Song – #Haiku -When The Wind Blows

  1. Thank you Syl for trying the idea of creating an Haiku from the words of a song and I am so happy you got inspired from my Haiku! I like yours so much you nailed it! And I love Tears For Fears I have listened them a lot in the 80s and seen them live in a concert in Italy! Your Haiku make all this more special! Thank you 🙂

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    1. You’re welcome and it was fun! Thank you for the inspiration! That must have been awesome to see them live. I think I still have one of their cassettes somewhere in storage 😜

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      1. I am glad you tried this new venue I had fun too when I wrote The Cure Haiku isn’t easy to mix words keeping with the song but I loved to do! And yes the Tears For Fears was an awesome concert! 😉

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