The Sun’s Words

Words from the morning sun

Speaking life to me

Whispering to my heart

“Fill yourself with my light, all will be well”

I felt the warmth rising in my soul

Thoughts that led to nowhere melting away

I find myself walking the optimistic staircase

But it is so much more

A reinforcement of my believing that there are great wonders in store

The sun being one of many reminders

Such beautiful life giving light

Photo by Flo Maderebner from Pexels


15 thoughts on “The Sun’s Words”

  1. indeed the sun has been regarded as a physical reincarnation of god and empowerer of soul and matter. He goes by a myriad names in Hindu literature and is the subject of prayer and meditation.

    1. Yes and it is amazing when that spark happens, it is more than just how you feel, it is a boost to your total inner being!

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