Distant Skies and Distant Shores

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Distant skies and distant shores.  An ocean in between on which our hearts float, like a message in a bottle.  Unwavering faith has taken its place firmly within us and trust is an open line stretching across the sky.  Tell me what is in your heart and I will tell you what is in mine. There are no burdens to bare alone, only a path towards a life to share together. Is there really distance?

Distant skies and distant shores only bring us closer


photo credit: shutterstock.com

14 thoughts on “Distant Skies and Distant Shores”

      1. Agreed, closeness does not consist in the physical presence but in the energetic connection. And and open conversation supports exactly that!

  1. This is so very true, Sylvester.
    One good advice on this one will be to remember to stay so close, if the relationship gets more close. I found that more difficult, than when in the distance.

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