You Will (Most Definitely)

The slopes might be slippery

But if you have a firm grip on reality

You will make it up to the top

And there you won’t stop

Because the ride downhill on the other side

Will be such a smooth glide

All of this fresh new territory

That you have been long waiting to see

A vision that your mind once drew

Is now fresh and vivid before you

So, do not give up

At every challenge, rise up

Keep your faith pumped up

And YOU WILL achieve it all, soon enough


photo credit: Pinterest


15 thoughts on “You Will (Most Definitely)

  1. Don’t we mostly make all the effort of the climb 8nly in order to have fun on the slide down? That is such a good way to compare it to life. And after the fun we are stinky because we habe to climb up again… Until we feel the anticipation for the slide againπŸ˜‚

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