#MondayThoughts: Rise Above

You are the energy you attract. Whether you are aware of that or not, everything you come up against is teaching you about that part within yourself. Listen carefully, it’s a hint to a better you.

– Nikki Rowe

photo credit: pexels.com

Life will not always be a smooth road. We will be tested in one way or another. There will be times when you have to rise above negative influences and impulses. If things do not go your way it doesn’t mean there is no way, you only need to be open to other routes.

Use opposition as a learning tool for inner growth and to discover more about your capabilities. What might appear formidable doesn’t necessarily mean it is insurmountable. It might not be easy to but if you can keep your heart, spirit and mind in good order, you will do great things and just might surprise yourself on your journey.

Stay inspired and keep rising.

12 thoughts on “#MondayThoughts: Rise Above

    1. Our hopes and dreams do have a destination and that is to come to realization and the various routes lead to the same destination. Thank you, Erika and I’m glad you liked the quote.

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