#MondayThoughts: The Best Possible Outcome

“Life can sometimes get the best of you but your state of mind determines your outcome.”
― Sanjo Jendayi

photo credit: flickr,com

When it is all said and done, all we really want is the best possible outcome. With every choice, every decision and every action taken, we hope for the best possible outcome for our life.

We hope that things will line up correctly for us to progress and succeed. So we continue to move forward in life with this constant hope in our heart, something we should never lose grasp of. Life is full of mystery and possibilities, through it all we hope for the best possible outcome.

Stay inspired and keep rising


15 thoughts on “#MondayThoughts: The Best Possible Outcome

  1. We all want to succeed and hope to be blessed with some positive outcomes. A big dose of excitement and enthusiasm for what we do definitely helps. Yes, we must never lose our grip on life! Very encouraging post, Sylvester.

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