Rock Ballad of the Week: Tyketto “Write Your Name In The Sky”

I must have stood on that runway for hours
I must have watched a hundred planes fade away
I said good-bye to every one of them, and every one took you away again

But if I need to know that you’re waiting
And if I need to hear that you’re mine

Write your name in the sky, set it flying so high
Let the wind blow it my way (write your name in the sky)
Throw a message in the sea, send it sailing to me
Take these clouds from my eyes, write your name in the sky

I tell my secrets to your picture
I catch the smell of you on my pillow at night
Sometimes I don’t know what goes on inside my head
And I hope I told you everything I should have said




(Chorus repeats 2x…)
In the sky

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Tyketto is an American hard rock band, based out of New York CityNew York, United States. The group was put together in 1987 by the former Waysted vocalist Danny Vaughn, with Brooke St. James (guitar), Jimi Kennedy (bass), and Michael Clayton (drums).

*source: Wikipedia

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