Photo by TIffany Pepe from Pexels

Regardless of how things look

Regardless of what may appear

Regardless of how the cards are stacked

Regardless of what other’s say you lack

If you are being you

In all sincerity, that is a beautiful thing

So, regardless of the odds

Press onward

Press onward, my friends

15 thoughts on “Regardless

  1. “If you are being you.” ❤ Thank you for the reminder that no matter, what happens on the outside, our NORTH STAR, can always be found on the inside. “Regardless”.. I love that title! Thank you Syl. Your words are a perpetual wake up call. ❤

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  2. There is only one ME in this world. That’s why I am the only one who knows ME or is entitled to tell me what to do and where to go. And anyway, there will always be someone criticizing. So there is only one way: My way.

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