#RomanticTuesday: Cascading Thoughts

“You are an authentic work of art, captivating, inspiring and beautiful in every aspect.”

Photo by Thu Ngo from Pexels

Many times I have found myself in deep thought

The reflection of your face in my pool of thoughts

That thought alone triggers a rippling effect

And what is in my mind casacades down into my heart

Where you already are, causing my heart to expand just a bit more

More space to store more thoughts of you

More heartland for you to explore, to know and understand me

At times I am overwhelmed

When you find someone or that someone finds you and together you find something so beautiful

You cannot help but be overwhelmed

Which is why I find myself in deep thought many times

Thankful to have been found by you

Thankful to have found something so beautiful together

Thoughts cascading down from my mind to my heart

Where you are and will always be

9 thoughts on “#RomanticTuesday: Cascading Thoughts”

  1. When a face is embossed in the heart, it sends out constant vibes. How can thoughts escape those vibrations? This is a very romantic and deeply felt poem. Very beautiful!

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