#RomanticTuesday: My Butterfly

You are the eternal butterfly that flutters freely in my soul.”

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

The rarest of butterflies

Are always within sight

If we payed closer attention

They would come into the light

My Butterfly

I will always be thankful for the moment you fluttered into my life

All the colors of your personality shining so bright

The more closer I looked within you

There was even more I wanted to discover and see

The shape of your soul and the composure of your wings, so unique

You took the time to show me that I could fly

And now there is no limit to where I would take flight

There is no cage I would keep you in

There is no net I would use to hold you down

You are the rarest of butterflies, meant to flutter high

Not to be suffocated or grounded

So, thank you, great love

For all you have come to mean to me

No matter where your wings are fluttering

You will always be a part of me

5 thoughts on “#RomanticTuesday: My Butterfly

  1. You know, I am the biggest fan of your poems but I am pretty sure that this one is amongst my favorite ones. It is amazingly heartfelt and tenderly written. Such an appreciation and awareness in your words. Simply touching and beautiful.

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