Blended Dreams

  Fer Nando at

He stood at the edge of the shore, like he had done often. With deep breaths, he absorb in the atmosphere. The smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves, the touch of a breeze sliding off the water.

As he breathe in with his eyes closed, he could feel himself getting lighter and wings beginning grow. Opening his eyes, he was surrounded by seagulls and they all flew close to the waves as if the ocean was their playground. Jubilant was the soul with this flight of freedom.

After a few more deep breaths, he opened his eyes. What seemed like hours was a moment composed of tranquil minutes. Looking out at the waves, he fixed eyes on a seagull which appeared to be looking directly at him.

Had the man turn into a seagull or perhaps the seagull had turned into a man standing at the edge of the shore. They both could only ponder….

8 thoughts on “Blended Dreams

  1. That perception can happen when we are completely in the moment. Then we are merging with what is yet being aware of the independent role we play. Great metaphoric story.

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