#MondayThoughts – You Are Brave

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Hello, I hope that wherever you are and whatever you may be doing or experiencing, that all is well in your spirit.

Bravery comes in many forms. Standing up against adversity and standing up for yourself. Life is filled with daily challenges. Some are small things we deal with as the day goes about. Some are personal issues the resurface day in and day out.

Addiction, disease, mental and physical health, our spiritual well-being. All can present personal adversities that have to be coped with and overcome. No one can live your experience but you, yet your experience can be a blessing for someone else going through something similar or someone in need of inspiration.

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You may not always show it

Sometimes you wear a smiling face

The life behind your closed curtains

In which you live on a daily basis

Your hurts, your fears, your anxieties

Your joys, your dreams, your victories

It may not always be on display for all to see

How you live your life bravely

*Stay inspired and keep rising

7 thoughts on “#MondayThoughts – You Are Brave

  1. We never know what is in the backpack of others. But we can be sure that everyone carries theirs. And yes, in carrying our bags we can motivate others (how) to carry theirs.

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