From Time To Time

Kevin Mueller at unsplash

From time to time

A lot can cross one’s mind

You can decide what thoughts to grasp

Just don’t allow the overflow to lead your mind to crash

Picture things well

Picture things good

Picture things falling in place as they should

No one said it would be easy

And it might not be as hard as you’re led to believe

Somewhere in between lies the answer

This is why we choose to believe

That a dream is not just a dream

A dream is a living seed

Living and breathing as we speak

Waiting to blossom into a reality

And it all begins with the thoughts that we think

From time to time

A lot can cross one’s mind


10 thoughts on “From Time To Time

  1. Extremely wonderful and profound words, Sylvester. I love how you make aware that the answer is somewhere “in-between”. It is so easy to get lost in one direction – either in overthinking and becoming desperate or to lose ground and leave the head above the clouds. Both is not helpful.

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    1. Thank you very much, Erika! Yes, there are the highs and lows but somewhere in between is a level of awareness that will help get us through. I have been in the dark valley and high above the clouds.


    1. Thank you, Christy! Yes, it is really important what we focus on daily. If we continuously think of negative outcomes then that’s what we’ll bring into reality. Keep those good thoughts active, sister!

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