#MondayThoughts ~ The Soul of You

“Who you are is who you are.”

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People see us from their point of view and not your own point of view. They formulate a picture of who they think you are based on what they believe they see. They get to know you through interacting with you and gain further knowledge or understanding of you… but do they really know you, the deep intimate soul of the person that you are.

We will never know anyone completely because there is this inner being within that cannot be fully expressed. This being is what is inside the physical housing of the human body, our spirit and soul. We allow people to know us when we open ourselves up. We choose what we allow them to see and how much of our being they will know. Our personality, our character, our mind and heart. This is what we share with the world.

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There is no shame in being who you are. When I think about the expression “we are all faulted”, what do we count as faults? Fear, insecurity, anxiety, shallowness, self centeredness? Who determined that we are all faulted? Do we take our own uniqueness and categorize it as having a fault? Just because you approach life one way doesn’t mean it is the right way or the wrong way. It is simply your way, derived from your own distinct personality and experiences. You know what? That is all good, you are being you.

Isn’t that the point of it all anyway?

Some of us are afraid to show who we really are because of the fear of rejection, criticism, low self-esteem, or the thought of not being understood. You have the characteristics that you have for a reason. If everyone of us were exactly the same, the world would be soulless and void of life. Don’t lessen your worth in thinking less of your self. The person you choose to share with the world, that is up to you.

The most important thing is that you be yourself. This is what makes life beautiful.

*stay inspired and keep rising

11 thoughts on “#MondayThoughts ~ The Soul of You

  1. Basically, deep inside, we know our good and bad sides. But sometimes we need a little push from outside to be more true to ourselves. It is not always wrong and only subjective what others see. Sometimes they see so much more than we do because we are too afraid to look at the potential inside of us. This can be even scarier than any abyss. However, how we look at ourselves and others defines our level of awareness…. and that is ok. Because we are always in line with our current state of awareness which leads to the next level.

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      1. That sums it all up! Thank you for the important inspiration! Would you allow me to quote you with this sentence “We are always ourselves in a constant state of awareness and development.”? And can you confirm that it is your own words? Thank you very much in advance, Sylvester.

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