#MondayThoughts – Don’t Stay Down


Life is a series of momentary moments, with some lasting longer than others. We will experience ups and downs and the common denominator is that they are both temporary. We want the ups to last and last and last but at last they pass. Then there are the downs which we hope will pass quickly but they are as stubborn as a mule, lingering longer than desired and at times refusing to budge.

When we are down, we feel isolated. We feel this way because it is a deeply personal experience and it’s like being trapped in a well looking up at the opening trying to figure a way out. Once you lose hope when you are down then there is no way out or no reason to rise again. No matter what, you should never lose hope. What is happening today could be a totally different story the next. Life is a temporary experience, we do not occupy this earth physically forever.

Gratitude for the ups, gratitude for the downs if we grow because of them. Everyone’s situations are different and we know there are terrible afflictions and atrocities happening individually and collectively, so nothing is taken lightly as if everything can be solved easily. The most important thing is to not stay down when you’re experiencing tough moments. It may not be easy but you can get back up and it solely depends on you.


*Stay inspired and keep rising ❀️

13 thoughts on “#MondayThoughts – Don’t Stay Down

  1. If there were no downs there were no ups. I still believe that the downs are necessary to reach inside of ourselves in order to find something important to propel us upwards again. Without the downs, we would not reach into ourselves that deep. So, yes, we need to value the downs. And once we stop fighting them, we will sooner find the reason that pushed us down and the stairway upwards.

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    1. Exactly, if we can use the downs too lift us back up and higher up then we we become more and more confident within to face whatever comes along to try and bring us down again.

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    1. You’re very welcome and I’m glad you found it encouraging. I know you are adjusting to the big move and I haven’t forgotten about you. Praying steadily, my friend πŸ™πŸ½πŸ’–πŸ€—

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