#MondayThoughts – Growing Into You

Photo credit: Freepik

It starts at birth like a seed and from there we are constantly growing. Though our physical body will reach a growth peak, our mind and spirit has growth potential. We can look back at certain points in our life to remember how we handled a particular situation. From that experience did we learn? Did it prepare us to confront a similar situation? Better yet, did it prepare us to face and get through any and all challenging situations.

As the seed opens and life buds from it, we were once tiny buds. Through time and experiences we bloom, grow and blossom, in character, in personality, in spirit. The only cap on our growth is the one we place. Allow yourself to be open to learning and spiritual growth. By bettering yourself, you bring even more to this life and to the world.

Photo credit: Pinterest

*Stay inspired and keep rising ❤️


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