Friday Music ☀️ Diana Ross “Chain Reaction”

Photo credit: Pinterest

“Chain Reaction” is a song by American singer Diana Ross, released on November 12, 1985, as the second single from her sixteenth studio album, Eaten Alive (1985). The song was written by the Bee Gees and contains additional vocals from Barry Gibb. Sonically, “Chain Reaction” is an R&B and dance-pop song. According to the Gibbs’ biography, the brothers had initial reservations about offering the song to Ross in case it was too Motown-like for her.

*source: Wikipedia


13 thoughts on “Friday Music ☀️ Diana Ross “Chain Reaction”

  1. Ok, YouTube thinks this song would be a threat to my country, but will listen to it on YouTube … lol
    However, YES! The last one did it and the cover of the LP shows my other favorite song of hears. Good job 😂

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