4 Line Stories: Au Revoir


There was a different feel to the chilly autumn air

It was an unusual calm almost a stillness of life

Maybe the ghosts that haunted her had finally gone

Or maybe she refused to acknowledge them anymore


photo credit: pexels.com


4 Line Stories: Sealed


With their fate being sealed and buried

It was a tearful and heart wrenching goodbye

The hour of their new dawn was not yet upon them

As their clasped hands parted, time became a thorn in the flesh


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4 Line Stories: Behind The Scenes

The stage was set and all the props were in place

This was no ordinary production, it was all improvised

This was as real as it gets and the audience was in for one heck of a show

All the actors were well studied in the art of drama


photo credit: The Lace Market Theatre: The main stage. Seats 118. By Gellion and Lee


4 Line Stories: The Border

With the odds against, decisions had to be made

Once the walls went up, perhaps they would never see the light again

The border was there only hope and it seemed so far away

It was either life or living dead inside


photo credit: pexels.com

4 Line Stories: Weathered Heart

The day was clouded with mystery

Although it was shaping up as a typical day

I’m guessing my heart was partly sunny like the sky

Looking around and within, I was missing you

photo credit: 1freewallpapers.com

4 Line Stories: Endless Ripples

We couldn’t remember who tossed the first pebble

Our souls have been feeling the ripples run through

So we continue to toss more pebbles into each other’s hearts

We want this to be everlasting

photo credit: pexels.com

4 Line Stories: Divine Immersion

It started with an idea that parlayed into something more

And then they appeared to grow wings

Bystanders stood around in amazement, practically at a standstill

There are some occurrences that happen only once in a lifetime

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