Dying Breed

You do what needs to be done You make it through as best as you can No fussing or complaining Self sacrifice, no spotlight And hope that all turns out well in the end When it is done You move on, no fanfare You move on, quietly * gif credit: From the 1956 motion picture […]

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Sky King soars Commanding the wind gracefully Earth King replenishes trying to sustain his natural resources Water King dives Manipulating the ocean and sea’s flow Each King fulfilling his elemental duties With great pride and purpose * photo credit: pexels.com  

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Engine Revving Up

As I sit and smile Wild and crazy notion Hop in and take a spin House of cards folded and tossed New deck in hand Set the gps on the dash Start the engine and in a flash I’m gone Who knows where The map is huge * photo credit: pexels.com

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