A Long Road

A Winter’s evening

Gusting winds and blowing snow

Grey sky stretching over the atmosphere

For one reason or another the days seem extra long

I feel like I’m trapped inside a snow globe

Must have taken a wrong turn at the end of Autumn

Neither Siri or Alexa know the way to Spring

Guess I’ll be stuck on this road for a while

Don’t shake too hard


photo credit: Simon Matzinger – pexels.com

Inspired By Series: Share Your Light

This haiku was inspired by a haiku from Erika at Share Your Light. Thank you, Erika! 🙂

Related image

Doing what you love

There is no complacency

Creative flow breathes


photo credit: Outland by Berkeley Breathed




Embers In The Mist

Heart stays warm

Embers in the mist

Heating the soul

Shutting out the coldness

Cloudy skies have no prose to express

So I bide my time imagining standing on a peak

Looking over the promised land

The dream manifested

Never once detouring from believing


photo credit: pexels.com