Climbing the ladder rung by rung With each level reached The ladder seems to stretch longer No sullen lullabies on the way up You don’t want to sleep, lose your grip and slip So muster up that strength though it’s not always easy Eyes looking up because you know where you’ve been Silent prayers for […]

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Dreams of Blue

Dreams of blue Constant flow Ocean of subconscious Sea of consciousness Horizon over yonder Wandering mind Escape artist’s tendencies Heart thoughts rise Like sunken treasure Dreams of blue And the wonder of it all * photo credit:

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Dreams and the Dreamers

Summer child Sun in heart Warm eyes * Counting the blessings Face to face Happy to be Happy to see such happenings Claiming a song Reclaiming the same song Cloudless memories Say a prayer Good times, good things Dreams The dreamers * Summer child Sun in heart Warm eyes  

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Fusing all things together The highs and lows The emotional extremes Spiritually weaving with great intricacy Adding an endless depth of meaningfulness Not living as a defeatist Fusing all things into something beautiful * photo credit: Stockvault

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