The Life Inside

The life inside Silent conversations Archives of lessons learned Walking the corridors of the soul passage of reconciliation Guarding the heart Mindful of what you let in and what you allow out The invisible person only seen within Absorbing all Releasing Freeing what shouldn’t be held inside Touching the bark of the wisdom tree The […]

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#9/11 (16 Years)

“The day, the event and the aftermath will never be forgotten.” * Breaking news on screen What looked like a movie scene Was reality America hit Blindsided by evil minds Have we recovered? • photo credit: NBC New York

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At day’s end Reality settles in Disillusionment and illusions cast away  Internal reorganization in process  Serene transition  Adherence to a soul beloved  At the gateway , I begin once again  There is no unknown  Everything of worth is stored in the heart  A lesson well learned  At day’s end • photo credit: Flickr

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Monday Thoughts: All Is Life

“The only inevitably in life is death. Everything in between is a measurement of existence.” Whatever thoughts we may think Whatever feelings we may feel Whatever stirs in our soul And whatever moves our heart It is all life The ups and downs The steadiness  The good and bad The happiness and sadness  It is […]

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All I Can Say Is…

All I can be is thankful. All I can say is thank you. Reemerging, I never forgot about what is. In the blink of an eye a tear can fall. In the blink of an eye life has breath and then it has none. Time is just too damn short. All I can be is […]

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A Special Poignancy 

A word to the wise Never make wishes under poignant skies Since I have been deemed an anomaly  I cast a dream into these clouds And sense an air of gratitude  Poignant skies appreciating that I find them beautiful  And on this day we have gifted each other with something special  And on this day […]

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