For The Moment

Sensibilities heightened as I gather nuggets of inspiration to get through the day. The always freshness of your smile has residual effects that last hour by hour, actually infectious. Replaying fragments from certain memories, sound bites capturing laughter and the ambient joy present. Beautiful perspectives shared. Life soaring as high as a kite caressing the wind, days I am sure we will relive again. For the moment we accept things as they are while doing our best to make the most of the day from opposite ends of the spectrum. The sea of faith has never been deeper.


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Rising In The Fall

The twenty second day of the ninth month. The season says it’s the start of fall but summer is still riding high. Thoughts blooming in the vast field of my mind. The scent of flowers hint at your lingering essence. So I bundle together a bouquet of thoughts, sincere as the sun’s light, in hopes they will brighten your day, that your inner light will shine on this first day of fall.

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Friday Inspiration: Never Stranded

Circumstances will lead you to believe

that you are alone

Will make you feel weak

not strong

Give your cares

Give your troubles to God

He will never leave you stranded

He will never leave you alone

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music: Mary Mary “Can’t Give Up Now”


Washed Ashore

Cutting out a piece of the earth

Solitary heart

Finding peace in gratitude 

Another heart echoes 

Reflections wash ashore

Thoughts thrown out to the sea

Drifting further and further out of view

I see light from a far distance 

Perhaps, my thoughts have found dry land

Perhaps, someone is gathering and reading them


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Monday Motivation: Facing The Challenges

“Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.”
Roger Crawford

Life is filled with so many challenges and there are times when they seem to come back to back to back, non-stop. We can either fold up our tent and go home or we can stand our ground and meet every challenge head on. In this day and age, we have the resources and tools available to overcome just about any challenge presented towards. I am not naïve in thinking that there are certain challenges that present a higher degree of difficulty, such as certain illnesses and or conditions of living. My point is that we have a built in survival instinct mode that we have the option of turning on. The choice is yours!

Whatever challenges we face in life and there are a variety of them, we can decide whether to lay down and get bulldozed over, or we can choose to put forth our best effort to overcome any and every difficult situation. Allow everyday to be the day you decide to give yourself a chance at life and living the best possible life that you can achieve.

Don’t worry about statistics and what “they say”. Who are “they” anyway? Stay inspired! Believe in you! God does 24/7!



*music credit: Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers “I Won’t Back Down”

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*quote: Roger Crawford

Expending The Soul

I don’t dwell too much on existence

Well, more so on the quality of it

Where is tomorrow?

I haven’t got a clue

I expend myself of everything within

God will replenish my soul

Every time I see your smile unfold

Then I know this life really has some meaning


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