#RomanticTuesday: For All Of Life

Wherever you are

Right in this very moment

Know that you are loved

Photo by Jonas Von Werne from Pexels

There are moments when my sighs

Can fill the entire sky

Those thoughts of you that make waves in my soul

Damn, how fortunate I am, I often think to myself

Love has been kind to come to me in the form of you

Total fulfillment of a dream come true

As sure as the sun sits beautifully in the sky

You are the love of my life

Rising and shining in my heart everyday

And someday face to face will grace us permanently

By your side for all of life

Disappear & Reappear

Photo by Lewis McNeal from Pexels

Hard times seem to disappear

Reasons why reappear

Declarations stamp out all fear

Determination makes things clear

Heart stirred

Vision undisturbed



Momentarily frozen

Saved for a date unchosen

When binding circumstances disappear

The once deaf world will begin to hear

A most extraordinary story as it reappears….

#RomanticTuesday: Unwavering

“I love you and that’s the beginning and end of everything.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Photo credit: Pexels

Picture perfect photo stills

Hang in my heart like a gallery

Your laughter, your smile, your tears

Your ups and your downs

I embrace and treasure them all

Photo by manu mangalassery from Pexels

For you, my love

My love doesn’t waver

No second guessing or odd behavior

Appreciating you more with each passing day

Very thankful for the moment you came my way

Not planning on letting you slip away

Loving you totally beyond my dying day

To you, my love

I will always be true

This true love doesn’t exist without you

Familiar Fragrance

It felt like an eternity as I found myself between consciousness an at the border of daydreams….

Photo by Jimmy Chan from Pexels

There was a familiar fragrance in the air

Off in the distance I could hear the sound of a butterfly’s wings

I guess when you’re daydreaming your senses are that much more sharp

A part of me was living according to the guidelines of this present day existence

While another part of me sat on a bench in the park observing all things, waiting to keep an appointment with a life that was highly recommended

That familiar fragrance seems a little stronger today

A chain reaction of puzzle piece thoughts begin to assemble themselves in my mind

I smile because I find it amazing how the brain picks up on the heart’s intent

And pieces together a face to match the fragrance

Wishful thinking, pre-recognition or was my heart filling in the blanks

The sound of that butterfly’s wings swept across my ear canal

The acoustics are like a gentle caress

I check my wrist watch and see there is still plenty of time to keep my appointment

So I sit and observe, absorbing life’s experiences

Knowing there will be some stories to share

It felt like an eternity as I found myself between consciousness an at the border of daydreams….