Theodor Vasile at unsplash.com

We call it fascinating

This earth and sky

Colorful sunsets

Gentle sunrise

The rotation of planets

Evening meets night

Night greets morning

Hearts glowing with the stars

Hearts glowing from afar

We call this fascinating

The rotation of souls

Love being the sphere in between

#RomanticTuesday – The Scent Of Your Petals

“Because our roots are intertwined, our love is two hearts strong and we continue to blossom beautifully.”

 Claude Piché at unsplash.com

Rooted deep

You are within me

Thoughts of you

Are defined beautiful

Falling petals all over me

The essence of your presence

You are my wonderful life’s lesson

A blessing that sprouts more blessings

Whether it be snowy days or summer’s haze

I am grateful for your love’s gaze

And to have this love so solid and true

A love that I could only share with you


Photo credit: Tommy at unaplash.com


A tiny spark can lead to a flame

A tiny spark can reheat your faith

A tiny spark can be the inspiration you need

It can come without notice

It can come without warning

A tiny spark can be a tap on the shoulder

God letting you know He has things under control

While He relights that flame of faith in your heart

The reminder that all things are possible

#RomanticTuesday: 2gether As 1

“Such a beautiful dynamic when our hands are clasped together.”

Photo credit: Aarón Blanco Tejedor at unsplash.com

My heart pounds

At the thought

Of spending

The rest of

This lifetime

With you

It will be wonderful to see your smile everyday

And to express to you how much you make my day

To love you in totality for rest of your days

And experience the fullness of your love in all my days

Without any doubt, you are amazing

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