Inspired By Series: Annette Rochelle Aben

Thank you Annette for inspiring this poem 😊

Conserving my energy

No flapping endlessly

Despite at an altitude low

Soaring on an even flow

In God I do confide

He is the wind and sky

So with wings spread

I glide confidently ahead

Towards a beautiful unknown

That faith has already shown


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Thank you, Annette for the inspiration!

Inspired by Series: House of Heart

This post from Holly inspired this poem . Thank you, Holly 😊

When I was a child

No limits on my mind

My mind was free to roam

The wilderness where dreams ran free

I was the cowboy with lasso

Ready to corral whatever I wanted to be

Now that I am a man

That cowboy still rides inside me

Reminding me to never stop chasing my dreams


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4 Line Stories: The Wizard And The Witch (Spellbound)

They had cast many spells upon others

Performed logic defying magical feats

But there was one power that captured them both

The power of love had them completely spellbound


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Real Thought Series: One Last Look

“People will walk in and walk out of your life, but the one whose footstep made a long lasting impression is the one you should never allow to walk out.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Hands held to the very last moment

Looking back,  I grabbed as much memory intake as possible

My jaws were quivering, trying to hold it together

One last look back and I kept on walking

Believe me, this was fucking torture

My heart and soul ached like never before

With every step forward I was experiencing total recall

Thankful for what was and what has got to be

When you give birds freedom to fly, you don’t cage them up again

I wanted to turn around so badly, run back and tell the world to go to hell

This is life right here and I want to live

But I couldn’t turn around, I couldn’t look back

I just had to be strong and wait for those new sunrises to come around again

I didn’t want to be strong in that sense

I  wanted to be strong enough to break the rules

And go back to life

And escape


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4 Line Stories: Geometrical


Not focusing on the geometrical

My eyes are not my guide

When God opens a window of possibility

The size is infinitely wide


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Real Thought Series: In The River’s Flow 

River of reflection 

Water at my knees

Splashing this life source on my face

Reenergized faith

Baptizing love 

A vow to forge on

Reminding God of His promises 

Observing the motion of life

Blessed inner pain 

The gift of one

Walking through the emptiness 

Surviving the trial by fire 

Appreciating everything that leads to home

In this river of reflection 

Love flows mightily 


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The Sevens: Permanent Days


Falling days
Marked off the calendar page
States to me
The end of temporary days
Grows ever so closer
And permanent days are hopefully nearer
A lifetime of calendar days to experience
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The Sevens: Should I Ever Forget 

Some thoughts can get lost in mental quicksand

Slipping out of mental hands

Despite how hard you try to hold on 

Perhaps there will be a time as such 

When certain thoughts will not have enough light 

But I know somewhere in the recesses of my mind

You will stand out for me to remember 


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