#MusicMonday: Maroon 5 “Memories”


#MondayThoughts – One, Two Punch

What helps you persevere is your resilience and commitment.

– Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Once you get something in your mind, it can become just another thought or it becomes an idea that leads to a dream and the goals within that dream.

Then begins the pursuit. You make plans on how to put your ideas into action and reach your goals to accomplish your overall dreams. Whichever direction you decide to take will be met with opposition, that is the forces that put themselves in the way of making your dreams come true.

This is where resilience and commitment come into play. You know how you can get something in your mind and you can’t let go? Well, think about when you get something in your heart. Your level of desire to see it through and reach that point of realization increases to the utmost degree. Resilience and commitment are a powerful one, two combo to employ.

The resilience to recover from setbacks and letdowns and the commitment to hang in there in pursuit of what you want and hope for. Like a boxer who trains consistently in learning this combo, we too much be consistent in exercising this combination. When you are truthfully committed to something you become more resilient along your journey. They go hand in hand.

When you are committed in heart, mind and spirit, no matter what arises, you will be given insight and guidance to one day experience that moment of what was once an idea is now a dream come true. Do not give up on you.

Stay inspired and keep rising.


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#Instrumental: Hans Zimmer “Time” (from the motion picture Inception soundtrack)

Hans Florian Zimmer (German pronunciation: [ˈhans ˈfloːʁi̯aːn ˈtsɪmɐ] (About this soundlisten); born 12 September 1957) is a German film score composer and record producer. Zimmer’s works are notable for integrating electronic music sounds with traditional orchestral arrangements. Since the 1980s, he has composed music for over 150 films. His works include The Lion King, for which he won the Academy Award for Best Original Score in 1995, the Pirates of the Caribbean series, InterstellarGladiatorInceptionDunkirk, and The Dark Knight Trilogy. He has received four Grammy Awards, three Classical BRIT Awards, two Golden Globes, and an Academy Award. He was also named on the list of Top 100 Living Geniuses, published by The Daily Telegraph.

Zimmer spent the early part of his career in the United Kingdom before moving to the United States. He is the head of the film music division at DreamWorks studios and works with other composers through the company that he founded, Remote Control Productions, formerly known as Media Ventures. His studio in Santa Monica, California has an extensive range of computer equipment and keyboards, allowing demo versions of film scores to be created quickly.

Zimmer has collaborated on multiple projects with directors including Ridley and Tony ScottPenny MarshallRon HowardJohn WooMichael BayGore VerbinskiJon FavreauAntoine FuquaSteve McQueenZack SnyderDenis Villeneuve, and Christopher Nolan.

*source: Wikipedia

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Friday Inspiration: God Stays

Once invited in

God will always be with you

Never will he leave you

Just keep your heart open and receptive

To HIm

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photo credit: Mt. Olive Lutheran Church and Preschool

music: Matthew West “The God Who Stays”