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4 Line Stories: What She Didn’t Know


Every time I found myself going through an underpass, total darkness

Whenever the moment placed a sudden heaviness upon my soul

I always knew it was only temporary and light was just around the bend

She didn’t realize just how much her presence was daylight to me, pure daylight


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4 Line Stories: #Loveuary ❤ – Day 15 – Affection

My Sister Ritu has an open invitation prompt for the month of February with the theme being Love.

“Let us remember to
always rediscover one another
because we are
forever changing.”
― Kamand Kojouri


With just a smidgen of affection

The inner light began to heat up

The heart warmed like a preset oven

And the aroma of love permeated the air


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You can read Ritu’s post here –❤-affection/





4 Line Stories: Breathing Space


Where is your mind tonight, my dear?

Lights of the night life offering refuge

It is in your own thoughts that you find refuge

A personal interlude from the surrounding world


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4 Line Stories: The Virtuality of It All

Riding the waves and feeling so alive 

Hanging ten before I run out of time 

RECORDED VOICE: Sorry but you have exceeded your credit limit

Virtual reality became an addiction, considering the alternative:

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4 Line Stories: Silhouette Within My Soul


Amazing how a yellow circle of light

Could unite distant thoughts

I gaze upon your silhouette in the sun’s reflection

As it rises higher in the sky within my soul


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