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The Sevens: Reflections of A Soul

“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” 
― Friedrich NietzscheTwilight of the Idols


Thoughts reflecting in the heart

Silhouette reflecting off the water

A reminiscing of words exchanged

Conjure up images in the mind

Inner light causes reflections of a soul

Walking alone

Thoughts are gentle comfort


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#Romantic Tuesday: Order For One

I pretend to not notice the empty chair

How alive the world was when you sat there

My eyes have been shaded 

The color almost gone

If this is what missing you feels like, then take it away

But I will handle the heart tremors, it’s part of loving you

Thundering outside, matches the thundering in my soul

A gaping hole without you around 

Listening to song after song to fill the space

Caught myself standing in place

The circumference of missing you

No matter which way I turn, the silence clutches me stronger 

Each time I sigh, the breath is a little longer

Just like the day, life seems absent without you

Favorite photo in hand, thinking of your hands 

And the last clasp before our fingers let loose

So I sit at the table, the waiter comes

For now it’s just an order for one


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Working Behind The Scenes



You are never alone

God has demonstrated

Time and time again

Each ending

Is a new beginning

Each beginning

Leads to something better

Than where you were left standing

It may feel like you’re alone

And the only company you keep

Is your own

But God is there

Working behind the scenes

Constructing something much more beautiful

Than you have ever seen

He understands exactly how you feel

Deciphering every “sigh” and beat of your heart

Don’t be ashamed to hope

Hopelessness is hope that has been buried

Be strong, hold on

God will never let go


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Lens of Vision : Bokeh Flowers and Plants

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So Much To Do

As the day goes

As time passes by

Our minutes are filled with things

Things we have to do

Things we must do

Heavy loads

Feather weights

We all shoulder something

Don’t allow yourself to get so weighed down

Or your minutes to be filled by so many things

That at the end of the day

Your only company is silence

Because that’s all you had time left for

Life is…..

Life is short


Lonesome Heart

About 2:17am, when I answered the phone

You called because you were feeling kind of alone

I got in the Dodge and made my way

Route 80, K-Love on the speakers for the ride

Feeling really inspired to be at your side

I’ve been the lonely one before

Loving heart, empty hands, no one to hold

For you, I travel the night on this long road

Just to be at your side, the loneliness will subside

We can sit, you in my arms, no words needed

I will stay as long as you need, as long as you want

When the sun comes to reclaim the sky

We’ll hold each other a little tighter, a little more longer

Until loneliness has gone away and went to sleep

And you are at ease, peace fills your spirit

Don’t worry about me

For you, I have the time, always