Something Meaningful

No matter how you fold them

They are always whole

Once separated parts

Mended perfectly together

Are now more precious than gold

But even that comparison doesn’t compare

Rare is it that two whole hearts become one

A priceless blessing unfolded

I was never one with a tendency to exaggerate

So my metaphors are chosen carefully

Yet, when something so meaningful rings true

I have to let go and be carried away

So that what is expressed can echo far and wide

The vibration of the reverbations lingering long

In your heart and mine

No matter how you fold them

They are always whole


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#RomanticTuesday: Forever Defined


Turning the hourglass

Watching the grains of sand fall

Trying to hold on to forever


In you I define forever

Whenever I see you smile

Inspiration that infiltrates my heart

Giving added light to all that makes my day

Every day forever is redefine in your laugh

This bombastic explosion of joy

That shakes me at the core

A laugh which I adore highly

Because your joy is my purpose

A purpose that is the foundation of forever

The forever we share

One moment to the next

Defined and redefined

In you


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Eloquent Heartache

Giving way to another day gone by

The setting sun bids us good night

Solemn is the heart tinged with sadness

We hold hands until our fingertips slip apart

Our eyes survey the frontier of tomorrow

In hopes that we will meet once again soon

Longing hearts beat eloquently

And this colorful sky darkens unhurriedly

Bequeathing us with a lasting mental timestamp

In lieu of midnight restlessness

When  missing one another causes the heart to ache



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Capturing Time

A drop on a line

Capturing time 

Holding it captive 

Absorbing life

Nature unseen

How often do we pause to greet a raindrop?

Let the rain kiss us on the face 

The beauty of one 

Hidden within the drizzle and storms

From the clouds to the ground

Living life to the fullest


photo credit: Thank you to my amazing nephew Ethan and my wonderful sister Belinda – busymindthinking , for their permission