I wander in your deepest thoughts, not as an intruder, more like a bystander, always by your side. A commitment etched in my heart and soul. Privileged to be allowed within your inner most being… Loved delicately * Photo by Luis Fernandes from Pexels Advertisements

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Right On Cue

Showing up on time Right on time Time after time Time and time again Whether it’s eastern, central or pacific time Atlantic, military or universal time Your timing is divine Always delivering a well timed smile * Photo by Giallo from Pexels

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There are moments I liken you to a galaxy. You outshine a cluster of stars and I find myself completely starstruck, this is no momentary blindness, but wide eyed captivity. You are the only planet inhabiting my solar system… Your love is a galaxy * Photo by Lucas Ettore Chiereguinifrom Pexels

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When God awakens the daylight, I find you at the heart of my day. A heartbeat in tune with my own whether near or far. When the night comes in with gentle hands, you are there with a gentle heartbeat, a point of peace, a living dream… Our hearts aligned and in┬ásync * photo credit: […]

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You speak to me without saying a word. You find your way into my thoughts just to say “I’m thinking of you.” Do not change your ways, do not change what identifies you. As I become more enlightened to who you truly are, I am drawn to one conclusion. Such a beautiful core centered in […]

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The Rarest

I believe this is the rarest air we share. Love is apparent, love is everywhere. In the stark silence I can feel you breathing, as if my head were laying upon your chest. I believe you have the rarest of hearts, a gem bequeath to me. The octaves of the love we express have unlimited […]

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