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I Believe We Can Still Waltz


Am I out of time?

Or am I right on time?

Is time relevant at all?


You sit there



Time is at a standstill

Take my hand

I believe we can still waltz

Life is no longer a broken record

Filled with selected days of happiness

Take my hand

Lets carve out our own niche

Leave our initials etched in stone

A relic to be found by other lovers someday


I believe

We have all that we need

Two heart that pump with life

Two minds that feed the imagination

We can sit if you like

There’s no need to rush

We can hush the world

And wear intimacy like a cotton sweater

The streets have no name, I’m not paying attention

You have my undivided attention

You always have


Time is irrelevant


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Leaps And Bounds 

There is nothing I want more 

Than to close the distance rapidly 

Free falling into the silence

No parachute, no wings

Building that bridge piece by piece

The flames of this last crusade engulf me

There are moments that I am mere ashes blowing in the wind

But faith always pulls me together 

And God teaches me to fly a little further each day

We continue to grow in this together 

By leaps and bounds

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Romantic Tuesday #Loveuary ❤ – I See

When I look at you I see

All the fullness of what love means

And because love cannot truly be defined 

In you I see 

The endless expression of love divine 

You are burgeoning hope in the new morning’s light

You are the rush of overwhelming gratitude that hits me in the silence

When I look at you I see

A man desiring the hours of the day to move slowly 

So I can take advantage of every moment to hold you closer 

In you I see 

A soul full of life 

A thoughtful and and caring heart that shines incredibly 

Every day you amaze me

In you I see


All of who you are 


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