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#RomanticTuesday – The Smallest Things

“In the middle of talking about our dreams, we discovered we were living one.”

In the smallest conversations

We are profoundly moved

Ideals and thoughts that captivate the soul

With the smallest gestures

Our world seems to grow

An ever expanding life of wonderment

Amazing how another’s heart merged with your own

Can open you to a life you’ve never known

Fishing in this universal pond

We’ve managed to reel in the greatest catch, love

Or perhaps, love reeled us into this special experience

Where even the smallest things have such a monumental meaning

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I guess all I could do was exhale

Long day under the sun’s glare

Filling in the time with routine tasks

And hopeful thoughts

There’s an eclipse ahead, natural phenomenon

I think of you, a natural phenomenon

Sometimes you want to do so much

But there is not much you can do

So you carry on

Filling in the time

Thinking about natural phenomena

And exhale

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Sun Series: Only As You Can 

You bring light to the shadows

Secure in your sense of being 

Illuminating the surroundings 

Not because of other’s perceptions

Only by being you 

You are a sphere of light 

The fullness of love encompasses you 

A fullness that charges your light within 

I believe you were meant to shine as you do 

Only as you can 

Just by being you 

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Sun Series: Quintessential

Authentic heart

Authentic mind

Authentic spirit and soul

In your eyes lie the quintessential dream

You are a pillar of strength to my dreams

I am not foolish enough to think otherwise

Treasures lost may never be found again

Hidden gems may lay before complacent eyes

I look upon you as a treasure

Not an object to be owned

I look upon you as a gem

Hidden from the sight of others

The blessing given to me to see

Quintessential heart

Quintessential mind

Quintessential spirit and soul


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Sun Series: Illusion

Are you an illusion?

A figure formed in a rising mist

I keep my eyes fixed on you

One glance away and you might disappear

Angelic in appearance

Dancing across my terrain of thoughts

Taking your hand, I follow where you lead to

As your form returns into the mist

My form disappears into the mist with you

The mist soon dissipates

Perhaps, we were both illusions

Only real in the presence of each other


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Sun Series: The Sun’s Pearl

Essence of the earth

A sun pearl

Bearer of natural light

Hope converses through your eyes

I refuse to define you by shade or tone

Beauty emanates from your soul

Bold and confident

Your smile is sorrow’s undoing

And the ignition to my exuberance 

The wise understand when they are blessed


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