#RomanticTuesday: Your Lovely Ways

“Like sapphire blue, you are simply mesmerizing.

GLady at Pixabay

You know, I really love your ways

In all days you bring something special

Like an added tint to the sun

Like an enhanced scent of a rose

How you deliver a kiss to my nose

Like I said, something special

Never, ever change your ways

And I will never chisel away at who you are

Only appreciate you more with each passing day

No shortage of love for You and Your ways

#RomanticTuesday: Lost In Your Eyes

But I love your feet
only because they walked
upon the earth and upon
the wind and upon the waters,
until they found me.

– Pablo Neruda

photo credit: HJ-Story

I miss you

I miss the scent of every strand of your hair

And how the sound of your laugh echoes contagiously

There are so many things you do that give me a reason to smile

I miss glancing and catching you being freely you

Connecting with and brightening all that surrounds you

Clasped hands lead to an embrace

As we trace the shape of a heart in the sky

Our love has no boundaries as it reaches far and wide

I miss getting lost in your eyes

I am completely fascinated with all that I find

With everything that links our hearts and minds

I miss sharing the stars with you at night

And falling asleep with you in my sights

In those moments all is right

We are two in a world of billions

Yet we are One when it comes to Love

I miss You

#RomanticTuesday: Garden Of Thoughts

“Our love is like a safe deposit box in which our hearts are secure, safe and sound.”

photo credit: Pixabay

Memories are seeds

We have planted them with love

Beautiful garden


Love is in motion

We soar as its passengers

Touching wings, we fly


You are a blessing

This I will always treasure

My love is for you

#RomanticTuesday: Heartwarmer

“With you, love continuously breathes new life into our lives.”

Photo by Cindy Malette from Burst

Like a warm summer sun

You bring everyday warmth to my heart

Nothing can eclipse your love

God is truly good

Hopefully I am appreciating you as much as I should

And then some

My love for you rises with each new morning

It never sets like the evening sun

Only lingers in your sky to admire you always

And as I fall asleep

The constant dream that brings us together, gives me peace

I breathe you in with all my senses

Holding your cheek in my palm

Feeling the warmth of your being

As your love warms my heart

#RomanticTuesday: Love Flows Deeper

“Love doesn’t simply go around mountains, it moves them.”

photo credit: Bri Schneiter at pexels.com

Love will always make a way

No matter what chooses to stand in our way

Our love is like a mountain

And we have yet to reach its peak

Our love will not crumble under any weight

Our love will not be defeated


For, You, my heartbeat

Love flows deeper than ever

Together as One

#RomanticTuesday: Intimate Souls

“You are my incarnate poem and I love you more than my words can express.”

Photo by Olenka Sergienko from Pexels

Quiet evening leading to the still of the night

An image of you in my mind burns bright in my heart

You sitting across from me as we share an intimate dinner

I snap a few photos as you blush and smile

We laugh as we embrace the moment fully

Pebbles skipping across the surface of the ocean silently

The ripples they make represent our love

Every growing, deep, far and wide

Beautiful ripples like soundwaves that only our souls can hear

Words will never measure up to depth or height

To which I love you