Beautiful Contemplations

I would stand and watch Contemplating what she was contemplating Never disturbing her thoughts although she knew I was there I stood there Appreciating her beautiful mind And the beautiful dreams she filled with so much color * gif credit: gifycat

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Not Factory Issued

What I have always appreciated most Is that it was not factory issued Or a ghost It was real The genuine article Not preassembled or copied and pasted And each time I was fortunate to catch a glance Or come to face to face with it My day took a turn for the better So […]

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#RomanticTuesday: Slow Read

I could not comprehend life without you. The very meaning of this I fold and tuck away, perhaps to be understood someday. The more I read of the woman inside, the more I am taken by your everyday story. The fluctuations in my heart reveal the depth of my appreciation of you while all the […]

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#RomanticTuesday: Return To You

“As the waves relentlessly seek the shore, so my thoughts continually return to you.”  ― John Mark Green To peer inside my soul is to attempt to understand why I could love you no less than extraordinarily. Life begins and ends with God, in between we share this sojourn. Moments may be fleeting, so I paint […]

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Interpretations and Translations

Feelings Interpretations Feelings Translations I do not pick roses just because they are beautiful I love to witness the transformation as the bud grows into full bloom Life Interpretations Life Translations Petals wilted and fallen do not define the flower A rose will always remain a rose in all elegance and splendor Petals relate only […]

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