The Souls of Dreamers

Late autumn evening

Damp with a slight chill in the air

Darkness and scattered light fill the window’s frame

My thoughts are not confined to this autumn portrait

My thoughts find themselves elsewhere

Peeking through the window of my soul

Touched by God’s grace

The pink leaves from a blossom tree float everywhere

The souls of dreamers carried by the hope within their dreams

On this autumn evening

I join them…


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4 Line Stories: Au Revoir


There was a different feel to the chilly autumn air

It was an unusual calm almost a stillness of life

Maybe the ghosts that haunted her had finally gone

Or maybe she refused to acknowledge them anymore


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Autumn Queen

She believes

There is life in falling leaves

Seasoned colors

Painted carefully

Sparrows fly quietly

Peaceful dreams

Her’s a gentle life

A heart of light

Glowing lovely

She believes

Hope is a ribbon that binds

Dreams and reality

Until they merge into one

And the stars still contain enough magic

To captivate the soul


Empty Streets Series: Seasonal Change

Autumn firmly in place

Love the fresh air intake

The leaves continue their invasion

The sun rests behind and overcast sky

There’s a chill in the air

Hot beverages are on the menu today

Might heat up the fireplace, tonight

Seasonal change

Life’s merry-go-round

This time of year can be beautiful

Soup’s on

I set a place at the table for you

Presence of Summer

Summer days winding down

I’m hearing the last of the bird’s summer songs

Autumn’s rains will come

And the birds will sleep in, leaving only silent mornings

I will lay in bed a while and remember

A perfect summer day, you sitting on that park bench

Your smile, bringing the surroundings to life

Deepening the colors of every living things

My eyes comprehending and vividly living through your eyes

I will lay in bed a little while longer and remember

You all dressed in white

A composition of living light

A beautiful dream in my reality

The camera lens captured you wonderfully that day

And as I lay in bed, remembering that day

Your presence reminds me that summer is never that far away

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My Autumn

She is autumn

The colors of her


Even more beautiful

The leaves of her character

Fall about me

I rake them together

With lovely gestures

I can’t help but fall into them

As I fall deeper in love with her

She is autumn

And what a lovely season

She is

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A Japanese woman in kimono walks through autumn leaves by Masahiro Makino