Understatedly Beautiful

Smokey blue sky What’s your mood? Are you brooding? Or just doing what you do? I’ll go with latter Matter of fact Existing being you Understatedly beautiful Sometimes panoramic grand Sometimes unnoticed Too many heads down observing the ground Where I keep my feet I keep my head up (I try my best to) Absorbing […]

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Quintessential Beauty

An air of familiarity As if I had known you before Vintage thoughts transport me back in time There she stood in elegant stillness Quintessential beauty which towered over the Eiffel I absorb the aroma of the moment Being too far away to offer a gentleman’s “hello” Sometimes life will present you with a moment […]

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Beyond The End

In the end Does it really matter? It matters more Than can be comprehended  All that we say and do The actions and reactions of the heart Spilling our souls into a cup to be drank The time of living, the time of dying  The bridge between the two  Every day scaling the face of […]

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Seashore Hope restoring Sun rising off the sea Like a ballerina Natural fabric of green Covering the land Wildflowers peek out into the sea As far as they can see Disillusioned clouds have no bearing on the day The beauty of grace is sufficient * photo credit: pexels.com

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