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Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire….. Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.





Hope restoring

Sun rising off the sea

Like a ballerina

Natural fabric of green

Covering the land

Wildflowers peek out into the sea

As far as they can see

Disillusioned clouds have no bearing on the day

The beauty of grace is sufficient


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Capturing Time

A drop on a line

Capturing time 

Holding it captive 

Absorbing life

Nature unseen

How often do we pause to greet a raindrop?

Let the rain kiss us on the face 

The beauty of one 

Hidden within the drizzle and storms

From the clouds to the ground

Living life to the fullest


photo credit: Thank you to my amazing nephew Ethan and my wonderful sister Belinda – busymindthinking , for their permission 


Beauty Is….

Greater is He that is in you

Than he that is in the world

Beauty doesn’t need to explain itself

It just is

Defying the one eye open world view

Inner light beaming through

Wonder eyes

Marvel of a smile

Communicating the woman inside

Light so much larger than the sightless

Who’s sights are set on figurines

Spinning in society’s jewelry box

Your beauty need not be explained

It just is

And you are


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The Sevens: Natural Surfers

Amphibious life

Joy and excitement

Natural surfers

Awe inducing

Scene stealing

Sky kissers

Ocean tamers


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Black and white photo with dolphins jumping out of the water





The Sevens: The Golden Fireflies

Fireflies converging

Golden light

Conference of illumination

Decorating the night

Splendid pageantry

Luminous beauty

Radiance in motion


photo credit:

Stunning Photos of Golden Fireflies in Japan