#MondayThoughts: One Up

Even if no one believes in you, as long as you believe in you, you will always be one up.”

Photo by Gladson Xavier from Pexels

The dream, the goal, the vision is set in your heart and mind. It something that you want, that you desire to achieve. You and you alone know the depth of the sincerity in your heart about reaching your goal. Sometimes your efforts cannot be physically seen and it may cause others to see you as lackadaisical, lethargic or not really wanting it as much as you say…to them I say “fuck you,” you don’t know my heart.

When you believe in something so much that at times your soul hurts because you can envision it as clear as day, you know it’s bound to come life. You will hear from the naysayers, the doubt spreaders, those that think you’re in over your head. Don’t let them get you down or pull your dreams out from under you.

If you know your heart, you know what you want and if you believe, then you know that you will get there.

Stay inspired and keep rising.

#MondayThoughts: Self-Doubt, GET OUT!

I seek strength, not to be greater than others, but to fight my greatest enemy, the doubts within myself

P.C. Cast

I liken self doubt to being in basement and convincing yourself that you don’t belong on the first floor. “Come on, get real, who do you think you are?”, that little annoying voice will say to you. You know what you have to do…IGNORE IT! First of all, do not get caught up into what someone else is doing and accomplishing. Meaning, don’t compare yourself and your progress to others. Be happy for those who are doing well and lift up those who are having a rough go of things.

People can make you feel like you’re not good enough. Not good enough for a job, not good enough for certain events, not good enough to achieve personal goals, not good enough to be in certain relationships. Those people you can turn a deaf ear towards and let them live in their egotistical, puffed up, negative world. Who has time for that shit. I am here to encourage an inspire, not to drag anyone down.

Once you discover your wings, strengthen them by spreading them and attempting to fly. In no time you will go farther and further than you thought possible.

Now, stop putting yourself down. Stop disbelieving in yourself and start believing in you. YOU CAN DO THE MOST AMAZING THINGS WHEN YOU BELIEVE! It’s not about what other people think, it’s not about what circumstances try and have you believe, and it is definitely not about that annoying little voice trying to talk you out of what you want to do. YOU ARE AN AMAZING HUMAN BEING! YOU CAN DO THE MOST AMAZING THING WHEN YOU BELIEVE!

Don’t forget it.

Stay inspired and keep rising.


photo credit: Pinterest, Loner”s World, Roy Bennett

#MondayThoughts: Unseen Support

I live in the faith that there is a Presence and Power greater than I am that nurtures and supports me in ways I could not even imagine. I know that this Presence is All knowing and All Power and is Always right where I am

– Ernest Holmes

There are those who believe in you and those who are skeptical. There are even those who discourage you (intentionally or unintentionally). The bigger question is do you believe in you?

All the encouraging, inspiring an hopeful words are meaningless unless you believe in you. They bolster your innerbeing an efforts when you believe in you.

People can hear what you say and see what you do, but they cannot see the depth of your sincerity. There is nothing you can do about this. Always maintain your sincerity and let others believe what they will (which they will do anyway).

I believe in me. No matter how isolated you may feel in your thoughts and hopes, never stop believing in you. I trust in an ever present God an in His love and goodness. I trust in those who support and believe in me. Thank all who doubt and are skeptical because they don’t take away from who you are and what you believe unless you allow them to.

Do you believe in you?

Stay inspired and keep rising.


gif credit: Giphy