11/21/2020 – I Get It

Photo by Sergei Shmigelskii from Pexels


You have to laugh

At the ridiculousness of it all

Dormant waiting to bud

Roots nutured and flooded

All good will grow and glow

For now all is underscored

But the sunlight will always highlight all that is beautiful

That’s what keeps me going

And that right there….

Is wonderful

Aging Roar

Your light will always shine

Time takes it toll

Aging roar

Merciful is the God that watches over

My heart and soul as vibrant as ever

Distinctive mane

Living blessed days

Not counting one of them

Just thankful for all of them

And the opportunity to roar

Once more


Sunday Thoughts


Sunday Thoughts

Nepal, Mt. Everest
and all surrounding regions
Lives lost, survivors
Prayers, hope
Rainy days bring cause to ponder
Sunshine and what she means to me
Verbal tirades that taste bitter to my ears
I am invisible
Talkheads talk politics, I remotely listen as I reach for the remote
Sunday preachers, colorful congregations and “Amens!”
I hope God is in the midst
My brother, now his light walks heaven’s streets, and I miss his sense of humor down here
Faces I haven’t seen face to face
I embrace, because I have seen your heart and it is beautiful
I’ve lost parts of the inner me over time
God has been wonderful enough to fill in the quiet spaces
I think about today and what it holds
I asure you, I have no idea
Thank you God for right here, right now
And the hope that lives inside
Blessings and Love to all

Don’t Ask Me To Be Without

I’ve gone through life

living without and in need

grace is the bird

patient enough to wait

for crumbs or seeds

hope feeds the broken

until you can stand on your feet

I’ve gone through life

my heart beating soft

toughing out the rough times

since you’ve come into my life

the light no longer flickers

it shines very bright

no more dark spaces

to get lost or trapped in

all the spaces of my heart

alive again

I’ve gone through life

without and in need

but I ask of this life

don’t ask me to be without you

a resounding “NO!”

is what you’ll hear indeed

Humble Praise

My thoughts ascend to heaven

Humble and dear praise

A heart ablaze with thankfulness

I can’t see every blessing

Yet I know I am blessed beyond belief

My spirit reaches towards the throne of the most high

Breaking through the stars and the infinite

Transmitting gratefulness to a great God

Yes, goodness and mercy does follow me, all my days

And I offer up to you God, my humble and dear praise

photo credit: findyourmiddleground.com

The Heart Is Thankful

So many in need

Clinging to what little they have

Is life unfair?

Are there really short and long straws to choose from?

Maybe life is a humongous haystack with that all elusive needle

The heart is thankful, the heart is grateful

Little bit or a lot, be thankful

Pray for the have-nots and share

Because, as bad as some think they have it

There’s that one person that’s a rung below on life’s ladder

Doing their best to reach the top of their own mountain

I look at my cupboard and fridge

I look at the ceiling over my head and the pillow on the bed

Whatever I have and whatever may come and go

I’m making the most of it all

The heart is thankful, the heart is grateful

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