#RomanticTuesday: Always Us

Along the way of being us Love grew deeper As it does, when two lives become one Everything is for the two of us Our life Our dreams Our sorrows Our joys Love grows deeper When love breathes through the two of us * photo credit: pexels.com Advertisements

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As long as there is light There will be love There will be joy There will be peace A harmonious union deep inside the soul That cannot be broken or stolen There is no greater hope than forever light Sometimes we are blinded so that we can understand No amount of knowledge can comprehend It […]

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#RomanticTuesday: When I’m Gone

“When I’m gone, hopefully I won’t leave regrets behind to linger” When I think about it all, I just tell God “thank you.” For a brief moment this life can be. With that thought buried within, I appreciate you all the more. I’m not concerned about outside entities, only focusing on what is real and […]

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