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#RomanticTuesday: Sunsets Are The Least I Can Give


I sat out back

Holding the sun in place

Waiting for you to come home

So we could enjoy the sun setting



I pinched myself

Yes, this is a living dream

Who am I?

Fortunate man

Fortunate one

When you found me, broken in some ways

You did not judge or turn in fear

You only accepted me

Sometimes flaws can be discriminating

Sometimes, they are beautiful

Thank you for accepting me

This broken man in a shell

With your love I have discovered pieces long lost

My soul exposes its nakedness, somehow, unafraid

Your gentle caring ways lift me

So with each opportunity I get

I hold the sun in place

Until you are home

Sunsets are the least I can give

For all you have done for me


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#RomanticTuesday: Your Voice 

Your voice is soothing 

A calmness away from a noisy world

The way you laugh

Ignites an abundance of joy in my heart 

Your words hold me captive 

Allowing me to dream along with you 

Your tone is that of such a love filled and loving soul

Sweet sensibility to my ears an on to my soul

Your voice is love awakening in each new day 

And no matter where time places us 

Your voice is the sound of home

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#RomanticTuesday: Seasons Gone By


As the seasons go by

From the snowflakes to the drops of rain

From spring’s reawakening to blazing summer sun

My appreciation of you deepens


Seasons gone by

This well of love never dries up

Complacency kills the heart

So I love you stronger

Not allowing a day to go to waste

Or take for the granted the sound of your heart beating

Thoughts of a last embrace, a last kiss, a last touch

Fuel my desire to hold you longer and let your essence linger in my heart

Sometimes words get the best of me as my expressiveness unfolds

It’s alright, love should always stir the soul

I remember the last photo of you I looked at

And I remember what life was like before you

Seasons gone by

This well of love never dries up

Only deepening that much more


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Romantic Tuesday: Symbolic


We accepted this gift of love

And locked it in

Our gift from God

You and I

Through every calm and storm

God making a way

In each and every day we are One

Honoring one another through Our love

Thankful to give and receive

Each blessed to have the other


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Romantic Tuesday: The Most Intimate Feeling


I believe

The most intimate feeling

Is in that of being together

Sharing the same space

Sharing the same air



Treasuring the same view

Same perspective..beautiful

More than words…we love

Beyond expression…we love

In the truest sense of appreciation…we love

Giving one another the whole of our being

I believe

The most intimate feeling

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So Damn Captivating

Cheers to you!

In all of your splendor

In sweet surrender I bow graciously

“May I have this dance?”

Your attributes are delectable

So damn captivating

I had to put life on hold

Set aside the layered nonsense

And grasp at something that makes sense


You in all of your fabulous splendor

A prelude to taste of all my dreams

I have punched holes in clouds and reached for stars

By far those actions and conclusions don’t compare at all

You are electricity in the guise of a human being

Shocking my heart into this heart pounding wave of bass beats

So damn captivating

Why do fools fall in love?

Because they simply just let their hearts go

As soon as I saw you

I thanked God for letting me be a fool


photo credit: Flickr – Ballerina | by AKM Fotografie