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Romantic Tuesday: The Most Intimate Feeling


I believe

The most intimate feeling

Is in that of being together

Sharing the same space

Sharing the same air



Treasuring the same view

Same perspective..beautiful

More than words…we love

Beyond expression…we love

In the truest sense of appreciation…we love

Giving one another the whole of our being

I believe

The most intimate feeling

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So Damn Captivating

Cheers to you!

In all of your splendor

In sweet surrender I bow graciously

“May I have this dance?”

Your attributes are delectable

So damn captivating

I had to put life on hold

Set aside the layered nonsense

And grasp at something that makes sense


You in all of your fabulous splendor

A prelude to taste of all my dreams

I have punched holes in clouds and reached for stars

By far those actions and conclusions don’t compare at all

You are electricity in the guise of a human being

Shocking my heart into this heart pounding wave of bass beats

So damn captivating

Why do fools fall in love?

Because they simply just let their hearts go

As soon as I saw you

I thanked God for letting me be a fool


photo credit: Flickr – Ballerina | by AKM Fotografie



Romantic Tuesday: This Opportunity


I hope I never lose

The opportunity

To see that light surrounding you

A blessing to my days

Day after day

Your eyes exemplify this truth

Something’s in the air

Daring myself to express what needs to be release

Around the world in a second

My thoughts travel

Thinking about excerpts from our life

Imagining holding you tight

Strands of your hair in my eye sight

Breathing in the scent of your body spray

There is only you and I

Surrounded by light

I hope I never lose

The opportunity


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In That Very Moment 

If you cannot believe you are a monumental part

Of all that exists regarding me

Then look at that one star or that one ornament which stands out

In this moment you will grasp the importance of your being

Long after we are gone

Long after we are brought to life through memories 

Somewhere, someone, will look up in wonder at one star shining profoundly 

Somewhere, someone, will be mesmerized by one particular ornament on their tree

In this one moment, this one special instance 

The universe will sigh 

As it remininces about the love between You and I 

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There Is Light At The End


concrete-1845046_1280There is light at the end

Glimpse into the not to distant

Hand pressed against the heart

The feeling of hope beats hard

Just a pocket full of words

Love is powerful

I see the mountain moving

There is light at the end


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Let This Last

To have the moment last

What we hope for deep inside

Meaningful beyond description 

What we experience deep inside 

Life revolving around an ocean of thoughts 

Thoughtful hearts

Giving thanks for the dance of a lifetime 

Hoping it is for a lifetime 


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