It was more than taking a chance

We simply believed

Right from the very start

We believed

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#SundaySpirit 2

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You can have it all

And have nothing at all

Overindulgence in the world’s offerings

Only leaves you spiritually starving

God provides a meal plan that is soul fulfilling

Simple, divine nourishment

#RomanticTuesday: Affectionate Ways

In one form or another we have met in several lifetimes

Did it take several lifetimes?

For our lives to become intertwined

Or was it just one lifetime, this time

For our hearts to find reason and ryhme

You are my sunshine

You’re the ingredient that makes my life sublime

I love the way we interact

Creating these beautiful, impactful moments

The kind that love reaches touches on

Bringing our love so much more into focus

Our affectionate ways not going unnoticed

I appreciate you, dear, in multiple ways

And I love you boldly until the end of days


Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst 


When you are blessed in such a special and dynamic way, it touches your heart so much that you are in this constant awareness of how blessed you truly are

Not ever taking you for granted

Not ever taking your heart for granted

Not ever taking your love for granted

There are some blessings that eclipse everything you have ever known….

Thank you for being my blessing

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