The Hill of Holiness

I’ve climbed this hill

dozens of times

raised my hands to heaven

thankful for God’s benevolence

made my way down

and sat under the holy tree

and listened as the Holy Spirit spake to me

not in any hurry to leave

Love of God, fill me

the sun pantomimes in the sky

shining extravagantly

each time I climb this hill

it seems smaller in some way

the thoughts of God

outgrowing the thoughts of “how?”

as He provides the strength to make it

day by day by day…..



Great Things

I want to cast mountains into the sea

Part the sea and walk freely

I want to hear the ground rumble

As I bring a giant to his knees

With rock and sling

Great things, if I believe

There will be no “I can”

If I live without trying

Time to stop shying away from the challenges

Take a mustard seed of faith and make things happen

Blindfold myself, so I can really see

Greater is Him that is in me

God of love

God of all grace

Great things can be done

When my heart is in the right place

Have faith

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His Love Stretches Long Enough And Is Strong Enough


When you’re feeling down

Reach up

In thought and with the voice from your heart

Reach up

God will reach down

His love stretches long enough and is strong enough

To pull you up from the ground

To your knees and then to your feet

When your spirit is turning with anxiety

When your mind is blindfolded and you can’t think clear

Reach up and God will reach down

He will meet you halfway or reach all the way down to pull you up

He won’t let you drown, no matter how deep the circumstances seem

Wrapped His love around you and reach up

In thought and the voice from your heart

He will reach down, pull you up

And lead you to safety


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