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Monday Thoughts: All of A Sudden

Boy oh boy, didn’t see that coming. That impact moment that changes your life in some way. It doesn’t necessarily have to be this huge blown up experience. It can be a small act, a conversation, something you come across in a movie, on tv, or something read.

That moment and  experience can have such an impact that it lingers in your mind and heart. It can prompt a change in behavior, thought and perception. You might be stuck in a rut or living your routine and then all of sudden you’re completely thrown off track. In fact, you may find yourself on a completely different track.

What can you do? Try to understand why you were impacted and grow from the experience. We know there are negative and positive moments. We also know that we can take any experience and react as we choose to. There are a lot of things in life that will fly right over our heads or things we do not give a second thought about. Sometimes though, something unexpected happens that really changes you and you might not be aware of it. You just feel and see life in a different way.

Sometimes, blessings are really good at disguising themselves.


photo credit: NAMI


Poignant Sky


Life can take a toll

Even if you don’t want to pay

Collecting change and waiting

Rearrange the pieces

But the centerpiece remains in place

Not looking towards the sky

Peering deep into my heart

To find a resurrected God

Always there

My soles press on step by step

Despite exhausted legs

Hope can be a stubborn mule

Refusing to be moved

All the while infusing the spirit

I’m not waiting the sun to shine

Permanent light is inside

The sky is holding back the tears

Though it wants to cry

I just keep on walking

As the clouds make their way by


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Monday Thoughts: The Consequences 

We make choices on a daily basis. What to wear? What to eat? Should I even get out of bed today? Our waking hours are filled with so many choices, some of which are done so naturally that it doesn’t even register in our minds.

What about the choices we make that affect not only our life, but the lives of those closest to or around us. These type of choices are made for numerous reasons. A new job, a change in location, illness, death,  change in relationships, etc. Regardless of what type of choice we make, there will be consequences, good or bad, beneficial and non beneficial.

We cannot steer away from the consequences of our actions, we have to face them eventually. You should not feel guilty about choices that will be beneficial to your life as long as you are not intentionally doing wrong or harming others. Life is constant change. Heck, from the moment we’re born our life is changing.  As we come into an awareness about who we are and begin that search for inner peace and joy, we begin to make the choices that will get us to that point.

Is there true overall contentment within? I haven’t the slightest idea, but we can hope, make choices and take actions that will bring a steady presence of contentment as the ever changing life cycle spins.

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Quieting The Echoes 

Washed up on dry land

Drifting mind

Weaved thoughts 

Worn by the heart 

Quiet the echoes 

Turn over the hourglass 

There you are

Here I am 

Somewhere in time

Transitioning with the season

Beautiful heartache 

Love is anarchy 

Lasso around hope

Pulled from the sea

Rescued from perplexity 

Dry land is a welcomed sight

Kiss the ground

Kiss the sky

Gazing at cropped photos 

Sitting next to the night light 

Forgetting about lost time

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4 Line Stories: The Web


“What am I doing here,” said the spider to the fly

“Making my life sticky,” said the fly

So the spider freed the fly

And became a freelance web designer, his life long passion


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Monday Motivation: Not Such A Simple Act

“When it comes to letting go, the heart and mind are playing a game of chess.” 


We reach certain points in our life when change is inevitable. Due to our growing in age, maturity, spiritual, mental state, inner being and for various other reasons. Then comes the hard part of letting go so that whatever change is in progress, can happen and run its course.

Letting go is not an easy task. We become attached and separating from that attachment is difficult in some cases. We hold on because of the sentiment involved and or because of the fear of change. It is absolutely okay to be afraid, to have this natural feeling. We can talk tough, act bold, show no fear, but deep down it is there and we just cannot allow it to paralyze us. 

When we reach that point on our life journey when we know that a change is needed in order for our walk to continue, we have to find the strength, courage and faith to let go of being settled in comfort and complacency. How often do we go along with the program and confuse that with actually living life? We are blessed with free will and the potential to do and experience great things.  We cannot live life without expecting change to knock at our door.

The question is, will you answer and accept the invitation?

Stay inspired!


Friday Inspiration: Living For…


Living this life

Living this day

Living to survive

Living for pleasure

Living to exist

Are you

Where you

Want to be?

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music credit: Switchfoot “This Is Your Life”