Living Words

The words we speak flow gently off the tongue and fall soft into our hearts. They emerge within us like newly transformed butterflies, exhilarated to be alive, giving so much life to our lives. Our love speaks in a living language…

Our hearts understand very well


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#RomanticTuesday: Open Line

I appreciate our conversations

They have such a natural flow

At moments they run very deep

And then there is the light-hearted flow

I love to hear the sound of your laughter

That alone fills me with so much joy

I listen intensely in sensitive situations

With your emotions I will never toy

I hope that on the other end

I can give you a reason to smile

Regardless of what we talk about

Talking with you is so worthwhile

To stay in touch

Line to line

This is fine

But it is truly more

Connected hearts

That are never apart

Always, from shore to shore


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Warm Greetings

I placed her favorite plant by the window

In hopes that she would know 

I believed she did know somehow

As the heart shaped petals floated in through the window

The plant stems seemed to raise themselves

Sensing her presence

The warmth I felt within

Said it all


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4 Line Stories: Conversations 

The light descended as if communicating with her

I knelt behind a stack of dusty boxes and watched on

She appeared to be in a transfixed state but not frightened 

By way of a cerebral spark, I recalled, she could talk with angels


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New Life Circle


The well roundness felt

The give and take and give

We walk among the shadows

Scenery devoid of color

Holding on to all possibilities

That we will wake inside a new life circle

Far away from decaying sentiments

And rusted feelings unused over time

We wear the warmth of assurance

When the days are cold and long

When words are sparse

When you hope to manifest life through relentless thinking

Never once have we blinked

Only trusting that the light stays on

While we make our way home


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The Acoustics Within Our Soul

The songs we sing

Without singing a word

Or playing a note

Between glances and looks

Heartstrings pulled by heartfelt thoughts

The acoustics within our souls are conducive to love’s pitch

So in everyday, we sing a song

Through how much we want to express

Creating this beautiful wall of sound between you and I

A life song long in the making


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