Thoughtful Thursday: Willpower

“There are tomorrows on their way worth the struggles of today. Never give up.”
Richelle E. Goodrich 

Mother and Daughter by Edi Valcheva on 500px

Eleven Fifty Nine

further and further in the distance

soon a blurred image for squinting eyes

until it all finally disappears

but I will remember you

sacred memories

turning towards what is ahead

simply, moving on


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The Warrior

The warrior stands

Enemies in the shadows

Fear in the guise of beasts

Supernatural forces lurk

The warrior stands

Sword in hand

The might of God in heart

Head up to face all comers

The road less traveled

Leads to enlightenment

The promises of the living word

Burn intensely in the soul

The warrior stands

Prepared to conquer all

I Am of Good Courage

Romans 8:31: What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

The path given

The path chosen

God, I ask for direction

Give me the thoughts

To build upon

I meditate on your word

Open and receptive to your voice

Everyday is new

My inner man renewed

I am of good courage

Because you, God

Are always with me

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The bars seem so very real
A confining space of cold steel

You plot and plan to make your escape
Only to feel like you’ve been stood up on all date

Scratching off another day on the wall of your mind
Asking God “How could you be so unkind? ”

Not aware that He believes in you
Longing to help you believe in you too

Another day goes by
So many have flown by
You wait in hope of change

You shake your fists to the sky
You cry out “Why?!”
Yet, the prison still remains

But God, who is loving and kind
Reveals the prison is in your mind

Therein lies the breakthrough
Now, just step right on through

God has always believed in you
It is time for you
To start believing in you, too

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“Two Scoops, Please”

“Two scoops or one?” the young man behind the counter asked

“Two,” she replied, with a pleasant smile

I made sure I paid close attention

She came to the ice cream parlor just about every other day

She never noticed me, even though I was there just about every day

Sometimes, fate works that way (or luck, or destiny, or whatever you choose)

I didn’t have the nerve to strike up a conversation

Afraid I would strike out, a fastball rejection, right down the middle

The more I saw her, the more something inside me started pushing me to speak up

Then finally, one late Sunday afternoon

The parlor was quiet, just one family (mom, dad, and their little girl)

“Two scoops of mint chocolate chip on a cone, please,” she said, with the most gentlest smile

And to her surprise, I had her favorite all ready and handed it to her (yes, I was the young man behind the counter)

“Wow! Thank you so much,” she said, her smile stretching a few inches wider

“You’re welcome!” I said, courage building up like an awakening volcano

“Would you like to go out sometime?” “Maybe for coffee, lunch, or ice cream?” She chuckled, as my eyebrows raised in anticipation

“Sure, I would” “I would love to,” a hint of blushing on her cheeks

Lava of joy poured inside me, as we discussed a date and time

Butter pecan happens to be my favorite

But on this occasion, mint chocolate chip was the scoop on top

Make that two scoops

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Goodies 50’s Style Ice Cream Parlor

A Hero At Heart


She wasn’t in need of a caped crusader

Or a man of steel

No masked muscle-bound Adonis

Or any other costumed super hero

She wasn’t looking to be saved

She was not a damsel in distress

She only wanted to be loved

Loved as much as she loves

And loved for who she is

I believed in my heart

This was the most heroic thing I could do


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Super Hero Revealed Vector Art 181994874


I Would

If I could reach inside

and gently pull out all the pain

bury it away somewhere

never to surface again

I would


If I could carry you

and walk a thousand miles

and a thousand miles more

walk until my knees buckled

and my legs gave out

I would walk on my knees

I would


If I could take you to a paradise

Where no sickness or pain exists

Just love, joy, peace, and happiness

I would


Not out of pity or sorrow

No showmanship or heroism

I would

Because I care

I do



Not Afraid

reach out

speak out

tell me what’s going on inside

tell me the secrets you’ve been hiding

no games to play

no shame to face

this love is not to judge

this love is not to hold you down

i’m not afraid to hold you

i’m not afraid to love you

share your dreams

share the meaningful things

all of you

i want to know

all of me

i will show

nothing to hide

no unnecessary pride

we can journey together

or journey alone

take my hand

don’t be afraid

i’m not afraid

to love you

A Song In Their Heart

She longed for him to lift her heart with song

As he had done, many times before

She wondered where her songbird had gone

Whenever she was overcome by feelings of blue

He would sing to her, always lifting her mood

But he doesn’t sing as much as before

Has the songbird tired of song?

Has he forgotten how to sing?

The dark colors of complacency whisper

Maybe he was in need of a song

To lift his heart and shake off the residue

of his feelings of blue

Finding courage, she takes his hand and begins to sing

Her soft voice resonates within him, and he sings along

Palm to palm with fingers clasp tight, they sing together

Their feelings of blue dissipate

Where there was once one songbird

Now there are two

And the sweetest song fills their hearts

The song of togetherness