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Chris Cornell 1964 – 2017

I was shocked to hear about the sudden death of Chris Cornell. When grunge rock took over the music scene in the 90s, Soundgarden emerged as one of my favorite bands from that era. Chris had such a powerful voice and style. He was part of Temple of The Dog, a band put together as a tribute to Adrian Wood, former lead singer of Mother Love Bone.

Chris also was a member of Audioslave, which had members of Rage Against The Machine.  Prayers for his family and fellow band members.


Death is imminent 

Expected and unexpected 


If we have today

Then we should live

With every fiber of our being

We should live


Monday Motivation : Life Is Just Too Damn Short

Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou (25 June 1963 – 25 December 2016), known professionally as George Michael 

As with any death, be it family, friend, stranger or celebrity, sometimes all you can say is “wow!”

George Michael was a talented artist who rose to fame with WHAM! and then had a brilliant solo career. I enjoyed his music, diversity and creativity. My focus is not on his personal life but his 53 years of age.

I remember when I saw the “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” video for the first. I laughed but it had that infectious energy to it and I was hooked on WHAM! and George Michael. In the blink of an eye I caught a “breaking news” about his death. My very first reaction was “wow!” 

I know many years had passed since his emergence on the music scene and his death, but it felt like a blink of an eye to me. Life is just too damn short, no matter how long we walk upon the earth.

Stay inspired!


Romantic Tuesday: The Voice of The Heart

Dia de los muertos

Celebrating the departed

I celebrate you among the living

With unending expression

With unending gratitude

And never ending affection

Dearly beloved

I recognize the gift that is you

I could not ask for anything more

Than to love and be loved by you

There are no definitive words for what we know and feel

We hear the voice of the heart without spoken words

And carry the thoughts and emotions of one another

Blessed it this love which is ever growing

Forever we will be in the knowing of us within this love

I celebrate you among the living

Should either of us depart this realm

It will not be the end

Our love has no end

The voice of the heart will speak and be heard





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4 Line Stories: Ocean View

He came here often, where he felt her presence most

When he was here, he felt so alive with her

He couldn’t understand why she wept so when they would meet

Seven months had passed since the tragic accident, he still had yet to accept his death


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Breaking news

seems like nothing new

familiar scene

“hands up,” “on your knees”

“assume the position”

badges shout incessantly

a voice shouts back “I’m not doing anything wrong”

he looks like a bad dude

shots fired

our flag is bleeding

our flag is singing the blues

so many crows cawing

another family plans an unexpected funeral

who will pay for headstone?


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Up There, Somewhere 

Fighting the blahs

Letting it go

Point of arrival unknown 

Maybe I will never come down

Just float off into outer space 

Collide with a meteor 

There will be no trace left 

Please play rock at my burial

So I can storm the pearly gates

“Damn good guitar playing,” I’ll say as I walk through 

But then, I will hear a voice calling me back

“It’s not your time yet,” so I step back from strobe lights 

And down to earth I go

Like a chunk of moon rock

Burning through the atmosphere like the aftertaste of an energy drink 

Landing in the middle of nowhere 

I pull out my compass

And pick up my feet and start walking again

My eyes still have a twinkling 

Ready again to engage the vast unknown 

Sometimes you just get tired of stepping in shit

Sometimes, you just have to let go


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